Academic Research

academic research1Sembrandopaz has spent years working with conflict-affected communities on the Caribbean Coast, where few others are currently working. Our programs, which aim at building a holistic richness of individual and community, are unique, and not yet well documented. Sembrandopaz welcomes Masters, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral researchers, as well as other professionals, to carry out field research with us here in Sincelejo, Colombia and the surrounding rural communities. Potential research might relate to:

  • Community organizing
  • Post-conflict community building
  • Local agroecological economic development
  • Grassroots peacebuilding
  • Faith-based peacebuilding/development
  • Political advocacy

We are also open to exploring other options for research projects related to our work. If you are interested in conducting field research with Sembrandopaz, please send a brief (500 words or less) summary of your research area of interest as well as a resume or CV to