Chocoro Cultural Space

leo y etelAs our mission and vision state, Sembrandopaz is more than an organization. We are a community. We also work to foster community in Sincelejo and beyond. This work involves creating spaces; spaces for community to come together, spaces for fair marketing and sale of community-produced products, spaces for education and training, and spaces for sharing artistic and cultural activities. We do this through the vision of the “Chócoro,” the community pot into which all put what they have to offer, resulting in a rich stew. The Chócoro is united, it is beautiful, and it nourishes the community. The goal of this activity is to build a rich, resilient, sustainable, and jubilant community that will nurture peaceful and prosperous community interactions into the future. Visit the Espacio Cultural Chócoro on Facebook.

Past Successes

  • Sembrandopaz has opened the “Chocoro” cultural space to host healthy and inspiring community arts and cultural events.
  • Sembrandopaz has launched series of film screenings for the public, which take place on the last Friday of each month. More information can be found on our Facebook page.
  • Sembrandopaz has hosted a number of regional and national meetings in its Chócoro cultural space, including the UNDP and regular meetings of the la Mesa Sucreña por la Paz (Peace Roundtable of Sucre).