Economics for Good Living: From Vulnerability to Sustainability

burroThe current model of economic development in Colombia is dominated by large scale agriculture. With its focus on “modernization” of the agricultural sector through the introduction of mono-cropping, hybrid and transgenic seeds, and subsidies only available to wholesalers, this system is threatening the livelihoods of traditional farmers throughout Colombia, including the fragile, conflict-affected communities of Colombia´s Caribbean Coast. Using local knowledge and local practices, Sembrandopaz helps these communities to build and share sustainable agro-ecological alternatives. Through these practices, the communities are able to compete in the Colombian agricultural market, while protecting the environment and their communities. Sembrandopaz invests in community partnerships, providing the capital necessary to launch new community agricultural projects. Sembrandopaz also hosts campesino experience exchanges and model agricultural projects on its farm “Villa Barbara.”



  • Sembrandopaz has trained hundreds of small-holder farmers in sustainable agricultural methods, giving them the tools to better compete in the agricultural market.
  • In partnership with Sembrandopaz, over 100 community agricultural projects have been funded and launched, giving life to community-led economic development.
  • Sembrandopaz has led the initiation and development of over 100 agricultural and economic development associations across the Caribbean Coast.