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I want to invite you to the opening of a permanent dialogue on experiments in sustainability and peace. Ricardo1To cultivate a holistic peace from the communities with a vocation for sustainability in a country like Colombia, which has lived and suffered from an internal armed conflict for more than 60 years, is every bit a true challenge. The route to a sustainable peace should work across five dimensions: the spiritual, the social, the political, the economic, and the ecological. But to achieve a synergy between these five realities, there must first exist a human team that pushes and guides this mission and vision, and secondly, a trellis of respectful and fraternal relationships that consist of a firm network of affection.  To build this team, a spice that gives flavor to the community, a true remnant within the broader society, and to weave this web of affection that preserves the footprints from our collective journey, is a true work of art.