Vulnerability to Sustainability

And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Genesis 2:15 (KJV)

EtelyNarcisoFor nearly a decade Sembrandopaz has been present in sharing the principle of sustainable economic development with communities in the Montes de Maria region.

Nobody said it was easy! The reality of the violence and the stress on the rural (small-holder farmer) economy has resulted in years of patient dedication and hard work.

We have come across many organizations along the way, but only a few remain. In Sembrandopaz we work with the motto of undertaking “processes, not projects.” Holding to that, we accompany communities in their efforts to thrive and access reparations that contribute to their holistic development.

From this accompaniment work our Food Security program emerged, which seeks to create opportunities for a dignified livelihood for our people. We know that the wealth of this country lies in our farmers, who through their loving dedication have given life to the land, a land that has allowed them to develop their noble vocation of producing food and to live from its fruits.

The program consists in making small investments with peasant farmers, accompanied by an agro-ecology education component. We understand the concept of agro-ecology as the necessary balance between social, economic and environmental influences. This work presents challenges to traditional agriculture, giving vital importance to the sustainability of the farm, family and community.

The driving force of this program has always been the commitment and vocation of the farming communities, and a group of devoted Sembrandopaz employees who, as says founder Ricardo Esquivia, live with their “hand on the plow and looking forward.”

Etelvina Salas Pérez
Food Security Program Coordinator