Who We Are

The Asociación Sembrando Semillas De Paz – Sembrandopaz – (Association Seeding Seeds of Peace) is a civil entity, non-profit, legally founded in 2005, but its social work has accumulated about 20 years of previous experience from the legacy left by Justapaz.

Sembrandopaz has the task of facilitating the construction of the values ​​of a culture of peace through the formation and consolidation of grassroots organizations, in order to support sustainable human development processes among the populations of the Caribbean region in Colombia. Sembrandopaz has work experience in the education, government and civil society sectors, conflict prevention and resolution, peace and security, agricultural and alternative agricultural development, community eco-tourism, general protection of the environment, food security, humanitarian emergency aid, resilience and trauma health, support for grassroots organizations, generation of income for socioeconomic insertion and improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable and at-risk population.

The target groups of the aid are children, youth, women, displaced persons, vulnerable population, indigenous populations, Afro-Colombian population, local authorities, community organizations, victims of conflicts, peasants and churches.