Chocoro Cultural Space

Chocoro 4Thanks to a generous contribution by the United Church of Christ Neighbors in Need fund, Sembrandopaz was able to open the Espacio Cultural el Chócoro (Chócoro Cultural Space) a few months ago. This space allows for sharing healthy, spiritually nurturing entertainment, trainings, food, drink, and small commerce. The response from the local community has been excellent!

So far, we´ve held workshops on leatherworking and dance, film screenings for children and adults, and we´ve provided healthy and delicious snacks. We´ve also sold sustainable local products such as hibiscus from our model farm and organic honey from local producers. These initial events have built community recognition, and we are now drawing 20-30 people to each event. The space has also been used by a number of other NGOs and civil society organizations to hold meetings and build community.

The Espacio Cultural Chócoro is born of Sembrandopaz´s larger vision. We are not simply an organization driven by faith to offer projects and programs. We are a just, equitable, healthy community that promotes and explores the richness of human experience, while pulling our brothers and sisters from poverty, conflict, suffering, and hunger. It is something we build collectively that nourishes us all and ties us together as a community.

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